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One Call Liability Release

Hi Neighbors!


We have two changes coming to the One Call Emergency Notification System of which we would like all of you to be aware.


First, the KCCA Board of Directors recently voted to expand the opportunity for residents to participate in One Call.  Previously, participation was available only to KCCA members.  This methodology will be changing.  While participation in the system will still be offered as a free benefit that comes with KCCA membership, participation will also be available to non-member residents for a nominal fee.  Details on how to sign up for this will be published in a subsequent Hot Sheet.  


Second, in reviewing with an attorney how the KCCA administers One Call, we were advised that all participants should be required to sign a waiver/release of liability. This waiver will set forth the terms of service (so that participants understand what One Call is and what it isn’t) and will limit the liability associated with the KCCA administering this volunteer-run program.  At the August 1 KCCA Meeting, the Board of Directors will vote on adopting this waiver.  Before that happens, each of you has the opportunity to review this document.  You do not need to sign this form now/yet.  


If you have any questions or feedback on the expanded availability of One Call or the waiver, please share them by replying to this email.  Or come to the August 1 KCCA meeting to participate!  There is lots going on in the canyon and if you've not been to a meeting in a while, now is a great time to come back! 


Thank you, 


We Need Your Support!

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