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Draft Bylaws

Hi Neighbors, 


As you may or may not already know, your Bylaws Committee has been hard at work over the last year reviewing the bylaws for our organization.  


The 2017 elections were the precipitating factor for impaneling a Bylaws Committee.  Those elections yielded a tie vote (and it was not the first time this had happened!), and we realized that there was no methodology set forth in the bylaws for how to resolve a tie.  Since the bylaws are not (and should not be) revised often, the committee also took this opportunity to look at every section of the bylaws to see if any other improvements should be made to this important framework which governs the way that our civic association operates. 


After meeting about once a month for nearly a year now, the Bylaws Committee has brought forth a recommended set of revisions to our existing bylaws.  At the August 1 KCCA meeting, the Board of Directors will vote on adopting a revised bylaws document.  Before that happens, each of you has the opportunity to provide feedback on this document.  


Please find here for your review a draft of our proposed bylaws.  The attachment is a redline which shows our amended version of the bylaws (what the Bylaws Committee is recommending be adopted by the Board) as compared with the original (current) bylaws document.  


If you are not used to reading a redline, here is a short primer.  When you open the document, you will see words underlined in red in the main body of the text.  These words are words that we added to the bylaws.  In the right hand column (the column itself is a light grey), there are words (or sometimes simply a letter or a punctuation mark) in white bubbles.  These are words (or letters, or punctuation marks) which were deleted from the original bylaws and which no longer appear in our amended version.  So for example in "Article I: Name", you will see that we decided to change the original version of the bylaws to add the phrase "501(c)(4)" and to delete the words "which is" from this section. 


Please take the time to look through this document.  If you have any questions, concerns, feedback, recommendations, etc., please share them by emailing kagelcanyonevents [at] gmail [.] com. I would ask that all feedback be submitted no later than Tuesday, July 23.  The Bylaws Committee will meet one more time next week and will use that opportunity to review and discuss any feedback that has been received from the community.  Receiving feedback prior to our final meeting will ensure that we have the opportunity to make any revisions as necessary prior to the August 1 KCCA meeting.  


The Bylaws Committee will then bring our final, recommended document to the August 1 KCCA meeting for a vote by the Board of Directors.  You are also encouraged to attend that meeting to provide feedback and participate in the discussion, though again, it will be easier to incorporate any substantive changes or suggestions if those are received by July 23.  


The folks who volunteered to serve on the Bylaws Committee (and to discuss some of these provisions in more detail than they probably ever cared to!) are: 

Bill Slocum, Chairperson 

Kelly Decker

Cyndee Irvine 

Kit Paull 

Ralf Quint 

Marlene Rader 

Mary Sargent 
Ray Stevens

David Von Stowver


Thanks so much in advance for your participation, 




We Need Your Support!

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